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Look! We're A Book!

  • I Hate People! by Jonathan Littman & Marc Hershon is published by the good folks at Little, Brown in New York. The elements we've started blogging about here and a whole lot more can be found between the covers.

    Click on the Amazon link to buy or, if you want a taste, click over to Barnes & Noble and check out Chapter One for FREE!!!

    Media Contact:
    Sarah J. Murphy
    Little, Brown and Company
    (212) 364-1350
    E-mail: sarah.murphy@hbgusa.com

    Speaking Inquiries:
    Tom Nielssen
    The BrightSightGroup
    (609) 924-3060
    E-mail: tom@brightsightgroup.com

    TOPIC: The I Hate People! Insight Roundup: Ten People You Don't Want To Be

What Reviewers Are Saying

  • "In a wry, counterintuitive twist on the workplace self-help book, the authors propose to help the reader expertly identify and neutralize the 'corporate oafs' who block the path to career satisfaction and creative independence. The rejected culture of phony niceness, Littman and Hershon claim, has led the business world astray -- and only the path of 'people hating' can get things back on track."
  • "I Hate People! is a bracing antidote to the management bromide that "there is no 'i' in 'team.' True enough, Messrs. Hershon and Littman would say -- but if you move things around a bit, there is a 'me.'"
  • "It is both a self-help manual for people hoping to not only keep their jobs during the recession, but also possibly advance, as well as a taxonomy of office workers for managers, to help them make better staffing and team-building decisions. But it also is about innovation."
  • "This is the rare book that is clever and funny -- as you laugh along with Jonathan and Marc, you realize that their analysis and solutions are actually deeper and more useful than the piles of management books out there that take themselves far more seriously..."
  • "I must say that I have just finished reading the best corporate business book in my life."
  • "Amusing and filled with entertaining examples of antisocial geeks who made good..."

Audio Hate Takes

  • Radio Shows & Podcasts
    Here is the most recent appearance by Jonathan and Marc, talking about I Hate People!
  • Jon & Marc on NPR's TechNation with Moira Gunn

    Want to hear more? You can check out some of their other appearance by clicking over to the Audio Hate Takes page

  • And if you'd prefer to listen to I Hate People! rather than read it, download the Gildan Media audiobook edition, which is available for download from Audible.com.

    We even team up as your readers in this offering! Here's a sample from the audiobook...

    During the recording sessions we did for the audiobook edition of I Hate People!, we had a couple of funny outtakes that came up that we thought we'd share. Take a listen...

  • Outtake #1
  • Outtake #2

Tell Us Your Stories!

  • Got someone who gets your goat? It can be a co-worker, a boss, an employee or maybe a person on your commute that makes your blood boil and want to shout "I hate people!" Whatever your story, we'd like to read it and, if it's truly hate-worthy, we'll post it up here on the front page AND send you a free copy of "I Hate People!"

Know-It-None, Professional Edition

  • I call her the “Teflon Cell Tower”. Every day, she runs hither and yon, like a baby elephant, each meeting more critical than the next. Whatever goes in her ears at one meeting is transmitted out of her mouth at the next, regardless of it’s relationship to the subject matter. Sadly, nothing actually sticks in her brain. Or to her hands, for that matter.

    Consequently, her colleagues are tortured by the endless reiteration of known truths and obvious facts sprinkled with trite consulting buzzwords and business-speak. For her, they are profound thoughts for pressing issues. They may have been someone else's thoughts long ago,but that has no bearing here.

    If her established patter is derailed by a question or a comment, the verbal tap dancing can last for 20 minutes or more until she restores the correct broadcast frequency.

    Given what I have witnessed in the last 15 years, her future is secure – she does no real work, has no real expertise and agrees with everything.

    TCT is no longer my problem. After a long, distinguished career, I had enough FU money to liberate myself when this re-assignment was announced. I love being free from the people I hate, but I do miss hating them on a daily face-to-face basis.

    — FreeAtLast

Hate Bites

  • "I Hate People! has a lot to teach you about office life, so if you hate your job, need help producing better work in a crappy environment or just genuinely hate people, then this book is for you. In fact, I’m going to read it again. Why? Because I hate people that much."
  • "Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon have created a masterpiece of office human relations."
    Carpe Factum
  • "Carol over at Carol’s Notebook has a copy of I Hate People. This awesomely titled book was written by Marc Hershon and Jonathan Littman, and it’ll teach you how to be …. me."

    West of Mars blog

  • "I wanted you to know it is one of the best promotional packages I've ever received. I spent 20 years in the music business, including running Disney's Hollywood Records, and over the years put together thousands of promo packages with the goal of making them stand out. The "I Hate People" package puts pretty much everything I've done to shame. Outstanding!"

    Reviewer (name withheld)

  • "Your book on hating people is hilarious; I had no idea I'd inspired you so much, so negatively."

    — Internet Executive

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    I made friends with a Bulldozer. By being enthusiastically on his side initially, I won his trust. After that, I could "plant" my opinion on him and let him run with it. In effect, I was driving the Bulldozer.

    If you can't beat 'em, pretend to join 'em then manipulate 'em into doing your bidding.

    Joseph Logan

    I think I may have the trifecta of dealing with office jerks: the successful evacuation of an Asshole, a Know-It-None, and a Sheeple. In each case, I got my hands on a copy of their resumes and made sure that they were circulated widely (I probably spent more time on their unconscious job searches than I ever had to spend on any of my own). I was careful never to bank my own reputation on their advancement, but I put them in the way of so many opportunities that each moved on within a matter of weeks. The jerks moved on, and the situation improved (for everyone but their new colleagues, I suspect).

    Sherman Dorn

    I teach, and it appears I successfully sheathed a Switchblade some years ago by taking some down time at one meeting to retell a story about some students who made up an "everyone in this class thinks" claim. "When one of my students says, 'everyone thinks,' that's a clue that it's just her or him and a friend who nods to get along." I'm sure the Switchblade gripes about me behind my back, but the "everyone on the team thinks this" talk has disappeared in my presence.

    Frank Barrett

    I’m a Network Administrator, and one of my duties is to conduct annual computer security training. Towards the end of the class, I finish with a segment I call “New Technivations”. Basically I show the class ten new pieces of technology / products they may see in the near future. Last year I showed my Eee PC 7″ laptop, and this year I showed the Kindle 2. Before I passed it around, I made sure The No Asshole Rule was on the screen. Of course, everyone asked what it was about, so I told them. One of my co-workers even commented “That’s ironic isn’t it. You bringing this in, showing it off, and the book on the screen is ‘The No Asshole Rule’. It fits doesn’t it!” Guilty as charged. Frank Barrett, Temporary Asshole.


    I am in charge of staffing a hotel-like desk. I have always done my scheduling as a group. I sit down with my team and starting with the least desirable shifts first (weekends and overnights) we pick the schedule as a team. I think this is the easiest way to avoid assholes, and get rid of the ever present "I don't want to work then, I didn't know I was scheduled" complaints because the whole team picked together.

    Tom Short

    I had the displeasure of having to work on a consulting project in Australia with a Bulldozer. He was a partner from our Los Angeles office and I was a peon from our New York office. So when I told some staff on my team that they could go home early after he had told them to stay until they finished up a task they were working on all hell broke loose. He started berating me for countering his decision, poking his finger into my chest for emphasis. At which point I told him if he touched me again or didn't calm down I was going to pick up the phone and call the firm's managing partner, who happened to work in New York, the same office I was from.

    He backed down, but the damage was done. When my supervisor heard about it he called New York, and the next day Mr Bulldozer was on his way back LA - in a pine box. He was let go from the firm.

    I learned an important lesson about intimidation and the workplace: the one has no place in the other. Whenever I sense someone is trying to intimidate me I remember this episode and remind myself it's just business, so don't get emotional.

    Win Madigan

    I am a teacher in Victoria, Australia and recently had a workplace bullying claim accepted by WorkCover Victoria. As I was leaving work with a very big bag on the day 'enough was enough' for me a colleague asked, 'Where are you going?' I replied, 'To Werribee Police Station'. My somewhat aghast colleague asked me why and I said, 'To report a robbery! I have been robbed of the joy and pride I took in doing this job well.' I truly hope this reply reached the Principal (the asshole). If not, I have a 79 page report to submit to her immediate superior when the time is right. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that a future job may involve me working for or with this superior:)


    I'm a manager at my company, but unfortunately I can't really move forward without telling my boss absolutely everything it seems. At one point I really did think I could make decisions, but then I learned I couldn't without running a lot of things past him.

    How I fixed it...
    Well, since it seemed like he WANTED to micro manage I am now running every little detail past him, if he wants to or not! It is still quite frustrating, since it slows me down a little. But on the other hand he now does a lot of my work! So it kind of works out. Plus it makes me smile at times! :)

    K. H.

    We had a bulldozer start who, in his second day, asked me my bra-cup size in front of 3 other male coworkers. My response was "I don't think so.". His second day was followed up by blocking my way into my cubicle when I arrived for work and telling me I had to give him the 'password' to get by. I told him my password was, "Get the *expletive deleted* out of my way!". He looked shocked, moved, and has actually become a valuable asset to the team now that the primate behavior has stopped.


    I spent many years working in a sister branch to a legendary asshole in our organization. He saw me as a rival despite my many attempts to work collaboratively with him. He bullied his staff and demeaned anyone outside his group, blaming everyone else rather than solving problems. Backstabbing, name-calling, lying, and self-aggrandizement were everyday challenges.

    When we reorganized our department with the intent of breaking up some of the structural competition, things got worse rather than better. The asshole's bullying intensified while productivity and morale hit the floor. My team learned that we were far more productive on our own, and we were happier too.

    Our boss was aware of these issues but was not willing to deal with them. I sent a directly worded email to the boss stating that I intended to disengage from the asshole, backed by factual reasons why I did not like, trust, or respect our asshole colleague...

    ... and later that evening, instead of sending it to a coworker, I accidentally sent it ***to the asshole himself***. I had his name in my head so that's what I typed, apparently.

    The next morning, the boss asked me what I was thinking. At first, I thought I was out of my mind to have done such a thing, but when the asshole didn't ask me about it directly, it seemed as though he might have thought about the content a little bit. The bullying subsided for a little while, and more importantly, he left me alone.

    That was about a year ago. Since then, I've been promoted to a different part of the organization, and the difference in style and teamwork is striking. My past dealings with the asshole made me stronger and provided a great model of how NOT to behave.

    Perhaps most importantly, I got out before becoming shutting down or becoming infected with asshole behavior. People in my new group know about the asshole's reputation, but luckily for me, I'm not considered an asshole because of my past association.


    Just got a call from System Engineer:

    Him: could you call my customer and update him?

    Me: aren't you responsible for network design?

    Him: yeah but he wants a solution

    Me: DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!! Do I ask you to do mine? No,
    so you do yours!!

    amanda h

    I had got a new job and was being trained by a flim flam. Kept telling me to do her work, that it was really a small easy task. As if because I was the new girl, she could walk all over me without me realizing. Then I checked my driver's license and looked at my birth date and remembered I wasn't born yesterday so I told her to shove it and I quit. I left HR a vmail on my 3rd day and they never even called me back but they politely sent me a check for my 3 days of labor :)


    I generally have to do deal with "I like to make mountains out of molehill" co-workers. Some of the stuff they bring to our staff meetings and talk about for 45 minutes absolutely amaze me. Its like "Do you really have THAT much time to sit in your office and dwell on this crap??" Half the time its things that would fall within my realm since I'm technically the bottom of the todem pole here. I try to stay ahead of them all and anticipate what they could possibly nitpick and embellish on then take that to my boss and give my side... so then at the staff meeting when it is inevitably brought up, she has already been swayed by me and immediately dismisses the subject.

    Another thing I hate is when a coworker emails me telling me to contact someone about something... in the amount of time it took them to draft the email to me with instructions, they could contacted the person directly! (Sorry, just sharing what really grinds my gears haha)

    elizabeth p

    As a customer service rep for a 100 million dollar company I see the customers as several of these office types mentioned. But we love em all!


    my mom would love this


    Oh my, these books caught my eye. Not so much for me -- I've balanced the wackos in my office -- but for my husband, who works at (but is not employed by) a big retail headquarters. Known for treating their employees poorly, the asshole mentality is ingrained in all levels. My poor husband is subjected to the worst of it since he's an outsider. Although, it's the idea that he is an outsider that keeps him psychologically capable of going to the workplace!

    Kathleen Hatfield

    This sounds like the perfect antidote for my "coworkers".

    Debbie Criss

    This could be great prizes. The more I live the more I can't tolerate people. I only going toward my 50s, have a ways to go. Maybe these would help. Please enter me, thank you

    Mike Weisberg

    i want to win this

    Kris T.

    We had to deal with an unbelievably obnoxious co-worker for three years. She argued for the sole sake of argument. Seriously, she would argue that the sky was purple if you said it was blue that day. Finally, my other co-worker told the boss that I was looking for another job because I couldn't stand working with Ms. Difficult. The boss gave her an ultimatum to shape out or ship out. Well, that type of person couldn't possibly shape up because she thinks far too much of a narcissist. So, she shipped out!!! Yippee!! If only we'd thought of bluffing the boss sooner! Thanks for the chance to vent, as well as a chance at the fun prize pack!

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